I'm happy to report an acceptance from a paying market!

"A Black Gaping Hole" will appear in Aoife's Kiss, a science fiction and fantasy magazine, in March 2013. The science fiction story follows Lt. Erin Waite and her team into the depths of an alien-made cave where they encounter something unexpected.

I want to share what happened in the process of receiving this acceptance as it might encourage others. I have received so many rejections before this that I kept wondering if or when I would get an acceptance. As a writer pursuing publication, I know it can take a long time. Persistence is key.

When I first submitted a story to Aoife's Kiss, I received a rejection from the editor with the reasons why (!) and an encouraging word about how the writing was "verrry good." What a boost, even in the midst of rejection. I was determined to try again with that magazine because of the candor and kindness of the editor. As many writers know, it's not often that you receive anything but a generic letter and no feedback of any kind.

When I finished "The AA of 2332," the original name of the sci-fi piece, I immediately sent it to Aoife's Kiss and waited. A few months later, I received a rejection. However, the editor told me why yet again, and offered me the chance to resubmit if I made the changes. This was a first, and I took the next two days to do nothing but rewrite that story, which included changing the name to "A Black Gaping Hole." I sent it back with the suggested revisions. About a week later, the editor replied that he liked the story, but a few issues remained. I sought the advice of fellow writers and made the last few revisions in two days. I submitted again and waited. Three weeks passed. I wondered if I should query, but John Rehg, the St. Pete leader of FWA, recommended I wait at least a month before querying. I followed that advice, and received a reply from the editor who had not forgotten me, but would get to my piece soon.

On March 5, 2012, I received another email from the editor which began, "I'll take it!"

Excited, encouraged, relieved, overjoyed...these were some of my feelings in that moment. I realized that I'm finally getting somewhere as an acceptance to a paying market is a big step for authors. Now, I can submit to other places and mention an upcoming publication.

There are some rejections I've received before and after this acceptance that I'll mention in another post soon.

For now, I just want to celebrate and Praise Jesus for my first paid publication.


  1. Hi Bria, nice to meet you! I clicked over from the Funds for Writers newsletter. Congratulation on your first paid acceptance! May there be many more =D

  2. Thanks so much, inluvwithwords! I think FFW is an excellent resource for any writer.

  3. Congratulations on your publication in the Aoife's Kiss. I read about it on Hope Clark's site. Your hard work and perseverance is paying off. Literally.
    John White

  4. Thank you, John! I'm so glad you are also a FFW reader, too. I appreciate the kind words.


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