Writer Writing, Avoiding Nothing

If I do nothing, the most predictable thing will happen.


I can write in my journals, at my computer, create stories and novels all day long. But only when I send them out into the world will anything happen with them. Otherwise, they are just for me. It makes me happy to write, and maybe that is enough. I don't have to have validation through other people to be satisfied about my writing.

However, my goal has always been to write books that other people can read. I've got a start. I have two short stories published in FWA collections. I have my first paid short story publication coming out in March 2013. I have two completed novels, and lots of completed short stories. I realize that I have been letting the rejections come in without sending the stories back out as quickly. It's hitting me how behind I am in the submitting process.

I believe it takes hard work to be a published writer. Technically, I am a published writer now, but I want to publish novels. To some, it might not make sense that I don't go ahead and do it without an agent or a publisher. The ability to self-publish an e-book in a matter of hours gives everyone the chance to be a published author.

I believe receiving an acceptance on a short story or a novel from an agent/publisher/magazine means that at least one other person enjoyed the story. One other person found it worth putting in print. And that person probably knows more about the industry than I do.

If I keep my stories in my computer, in my journals and notebooks, nothing will happen to them. My conviction helps me recognize that a desire for publication, though not a necessity of life, requires something of me. So I'm doing my best to avoid doing nothing.


  1. The same day I posted this blog, I'm happy to report that I submitted a short story to Daily Science Fiction. No point in just talking about it. Gotta do it.

  2. Good luck! It is difficult to get something serious published today, and true Christian litterature really have a hard time. The Lord let this be so to take the present state of affairs to the extreme.

    It is necessary to remember we are not justified in the world but by God. Indeed, becoming a celebrated author means the justification of Christ will be less fantastic if any at all.

    But I share your want to be published. And it is very dissatisfying not to be. I have another orientation to internet, though. I think published is published whether it is read or not. I grow from publishing on internet since I have made my self vulnerable, independent on if it is read. So I use blogs consciously in my development.

    But I understand your will to be published. Feed back is really important. Good luck!

  3. Well said Bria! I couldn’t agree more. Your drive to write and submit rather than sit back and do nothing motivates not only yourself but other writers as well, like me. After reading this blog, I decided to submit my blog story about a greyhound named Charly to several magazines. Now that story may make its way into the December issue of The New Barker, and save a sweet dog from a confined, kenneled life. So, thank you Bria for your friendship and the inspiration you provide. All the best my friend, and good luck with your submission to DSF!

  4. Thanks so much for the comments, Anders and Cate.

    I really appreciate your friendship, too, Cate. It's so helpful to have another writer with such similar tastes because I enjoy reading everything you write so much. Way to go on submitting the greyhound story! That needs to be shared with as many people as possible, in my opinion. I was so moved when I had read your blog and I hope The New Barker is moved by it as well.


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