New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! I don't intend to review 2012. I'm ready to move forward, and focus on the goals for 2013.

I will mention what God put on my heart all of last year: humility. The message of being humble resounded almost everywhere I went. I hope to continue to strive for humility this year.

The get-a-novel-published goal remains, and will remain, until it happens. I have hopes for trying to get more short stories published. My first paid short story comes out in March. Although it has been some time in coming, I'm glad it's coming up soon.

I've also decided to test the self-publishing waters with something completely different.

A fellow FWA member has an e-book series (self-pubbed through Smashwords) about zombies in St. Pete. They are comical, somewhat gruesome, and definitely entertaining short stories. Visit for more info. The e-books are available on Amazon.

After seeing how he made his stories available, I got an idea for an e-book series about my pets. I spend so much time talking about/blogging about/taking pictures of Lance and Ringo, that it occurred to me I could create a series of stories about them.

I started by making a blog: to use for marketing purposes.

Then I signed up for Smashwords and have started going over all the fine print. It's something I haven't quite ironed out yet, but I'll keep updates about my progress.

So here's to a new year, new goals, and to writing, writing, writing!


  1. Are you going to try the FWA Collection this year?

  2. Yes, Chris, absolutely! I've had the privilege of making it into the last three collections and would love to make it again this year.


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