Writing Weekend and Reprint Acceptance

My writing weekend was a great success. Saturday, I dedicated to Livinity edits. Sunday, to completing the first draft of Lance & Ringo Tails: O Brother, What Art Thou? I also outlined the next story and began writing that first draft. Then I returned to Livinity edits, which continued into Monday. I probably got through about eight chapters instead of ten, but that's okay. I still feel great about how far the story has come.

The hard part was stopping at 11:30pm on Monday night to get enough sleep for work in the morning. I did allow myself one break to watch Downton Abbey with my best friend, but other than that, all writing. Not only did I meet the majority of my goals, I received an email acceptance on a short story reprint. Thank you, Lord! It uplifted and encouraged me so much.

FICTION on the WEB accepted "This Is Hollywood" for online publication. The short story reprint will appear on their website Jan 27, 2013, and it's free to read.

I wrote the story for a contest (didn't win) last year with the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. Eventually, they will publish all entries on their website. Since then, I edited and re-edited the story, hoping to have it published as a reprint so the better version would be available. Next week, it will be!

The cautionary tale is about Mick, an actor trying to make it big in Hollywood, but a recurring nightmare delivers an unclear warning. Eventually, the dream blends with reality, causing Mick's life to unravel.

I used a pen name, B.N. Burton. The piece is a hybrid of dark fantasy and horror, my first publication where I had to give my mom a forewarning! There is some violence and adult content. Not for kids.

Final thoughts about writing weekend:

I am always humbled by the joys of writing. God knows the time fed my soul. Even when I don't have a large chunk of time carved out solely for writing, I enjoy whatever moments he provides.