Self-Publishing, Learning, and Tail One Contest

Now that I've self-published my first e-book, I'm learning quite a bit. In my opinion, the technical side of uploading an e-book is not terribly difficult. A little time-cosuming, yes.

I'm exclusively using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Perhaps that contributes to the ease of the tech stuff for me. Reading is required, but the instructions are clear and thorough. There are several places on the site to find answers to questions. I found their guide very helpful.

I chose KDP in order to enroll O Brother, What Art Thou? in KDP Select. The program requires the e-book to be available through KDP exclusively for ninety days. Then the e-book can be borrowed for free by Amazon Prime members. I still earn money from each borrow. I really liked that option.

There is a catch. My best friend attempted to borrow the book, but she does not have a Kindle device. I assumed a Kindle app would be sufficient because anyone can read a Kindle book using a Kindle app. However, the Kindle Lending Library requires the Amazon Prime member also have a Kindle device in order to borrow for free. In the end, she said she didn't mind purchasing the book, and she was able to read it on her iPhone Kindle app.

Learning more every day! I'm sure I'll continue to learn as I release new e-books once a month (my goal for Lance & Ringo Tails).

The first contest at the Lance & Ringo Tails blog ends this Friday. There is still time to enter, and it's free. Simply post a comment anywhere on the Lance & Ringo Tails blog. Two winners will be selected.

The prizes: Handmade bookmarks
Yes, I made them myself

For winner #1

For winner #2