My first podcasted short story: Ligeia on the Journey Into... podcast

"Ligeia," a science fiction short story, appeared on the Journey Into... podcast today. Click the image above or click HERE to listen (it's free). Or see my handy dandy instructions below for listening on iTunes. Subscribe to the podcast while you're there (also free) if you love stories of mystery, fantasy, science, old time radio, adventure, horror, and the unknown.

I really liked the brief description of my story on the website: Kraykor is driven to the edge of space, and the only way to escape death is by entering into Ligeia.

The host of the show, Marshal Latham, ran a contest last year called the Edgar Allan Poe Writing Contest. My story was selected as one of the winners. The story had to be titled after any EAP work (short story or poem). Otherwise, the only requirement was a Poe "vibe."

I'm thrilled with the final product. Marshal even asked me to read lines and included my reading in the story. I'm the voice of Mirka, the wife, so this is not only my first podcasted story, but my voice acting debut as well!

As a fan of the podcast, I feel so privileged to join the other winners in the contest. Marshal's comments about the story, and about me, were so moving and humbling. I'm so glad he gave a shout out to my dad, who I hope will keep listening to those CDs I made him. After the story, Marshal shares his thoughts, Kid President pops in to laugh at Mirka's name, and even fake Sean Connery, the dirty old man, has a cameo at the end with major story revisions (a musical Ligeia?). Needless to say, I had a blast listening, and I hope you will too.

Next time, Journey Into... will be airing the original Edgar Allan Poe story titled "Ligeia" with narrator Dave Robison of The Rountable Podcast. If you haven't heard him read, you're in for a treat.


The simple way to listen is to click HERE, scroll down slightly to where you see a Play button arrow below the episode art. Click the Play button. The story will commence. You can also download the episode to your computer (link provided on the website) and upload it to whatever device you would like.


Search "Journey Into... podcast" in iTunes. Select the one with Marshal Latham's name. Then you will see the image below where you can listen to my story by clicking the "Free" button next to it, or you can click the "Subscribe" button (it's free) to get all the episodes you like including each new one.


I prefer listening to fiction podcasts on my iPod while running or driving. It's a fun distraction. Here's a picture-guided tour of how you can, too. I know iPhone has this app, and I'd guess iPad does too.

As you can see, I listen to many podcasts. In order to listen to my story,  "Ligeia," I would open the Journey Into... podcast (bottom left, picture may change with episode updates).

And here it is! Open my story and listen. Take it with you wherever you'd like to go.

It's that easy! Enjoy.


  1. Hi Bria,

    Congratulations! I love this story, and your cameo as the wife was perfect! You have a great voice for radio! Congrats again my friend. Keep up the good work!


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