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Dual (Duel?) Novel Editing

Just wanted to give a brief update on my days now that I'm an at-home writer for anyone who might be curious.

Mon Edit Livinity Tues Edit Sprinter Weds Edit Livinity Thurs Edit Sprinter Fri Edit Livinity Random writing (ie short stories)
A very generic, not comprehensive picture of how I spend each day, but a general idea of what I'm trying to get done.

For a while, my focus had been deep editing Livinity, my epic fantasy novel turned trilogy. The process is slow. Many people ask me if I'm finished, and it probably doesn't make sense when I have to explain that I'm not. THE END is certainly written, and has been since 2008. But many years later, I'm redrafting yet again to make this the best book that it can be. Sometimes ideas for Sprinter interrupted my edits (women's inspirational fiction that I had set aside). Then I realized it might be fun to go back and forth between the two. And it is. Sprinter is a much faster edit, but I'm discovering n…