The Prometheus Saga Launches on Monday

The Prometheus Saga
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In less than a week, The Prometheus Saga will hit the Kindle Store shelves with thirteen independently published short stories all based around a central premise. Explore the past with fresh eyes, keeping watch for Prometheus, the alien presence that hides in plain sight as a man or woman of any race. From the award-winning authors of the Alvarium Experiment, enjoy this new and unique short fiction experience at the cost of only $0.99 per story.

"On Both Sides"
by Bria Burton

During the American Revolution, especially in the early battles, many of the colonists simply wanted their fair share of representation in Parliament. They fought to secure their rights as English citizens, not for independence from Britain. However, young Robby Freeman believes his Pa has the right idea. That after Lexington and Concord, there's no going back. Independence is the only way for any American to be truly free.

This Monday, January 26th, buy your copy of my contribution to the saga, "On Both Sides," a short story about a mysterious woman who vanishes into thin air and the young man determined to find out what happened to her.