A Radio Interview with Joy on Paper

Radio Interview with Alvarium Experiment Authors

Another first: I'm on the radio, Mom!

As exciting, and nerve-racking, as it was to participate in a live interview in the Tampa Bay Tan Talk studio, it took me a month to listen. I was even more nervous to hear myself after the fact!

Thankfully, Charles A. Cornell and Ken Pelham joined me on the show, Joy on Paper hosted by Patzi Gil. The three of us as representatives of the Alvarium Experiment tackled the interview together, and I'm so pleased with the end result.

We revealed little known details about our author collaboration, the Alvarium Experiment, and our first short fiction collaboration, The Prometheus Saga. Each of us had equal opportunity during the hour to discuss our contribution to the Saga, what we took away from the experience, and where we plan to go next.

Anyone can listen to our interview which was originally featured February 4, 2016, on AM 1340. Visit the Joy on Paper website. Click HERE and press the Play button near the bottom of the screen.

Charles, me, Ken
Afterward, Charles, Ken, and I enjoyed an authors' luncheon (Subway!) and discussed our ideas for an upcoming Alvarium Experiment anthology that is currently in the works. Although a slight deviation from the Prometheus canon, the as-yet unnamed project is still in the sci-fi vein. We're broadening the scope of history to include future history, and even recruiting some new talent.

Needless to say, I'll be keeping the fans (I have fans! Another first!) updated.