Introducing Livinity Fantasy Author Shayla Cole

Fantasy Author
Shayla Cole

I'm pleased to introduce Shayla Cole, fantasy author of the Livinity trilogy. Visit her all-new website:

And I know what you're thinking...Shayla Cole looks a lot like Bria Burton.

That's because Shayla Cole is me! I now have a nom de plume for Livinity.

What's a Nom de Plume?

It's a fancy way of saying "pen name." A pen name is a name an author uses in place of their real name.

Why a Pen Name?

I'm not using the name Shayla Cole for privacy reasons. I don't mind that people will know that Shayla Cole and Bria Burton are the same person. The main reason I'm using a pen name is to separate my epic fantasy novels (Livinity trilogy and anything related to Livinity) from my other writing projects.

Explain this one more time...

Shayla Cole is my new nom de plume for all things related to my epic fantasy trilogy, Livinity. All other writing remains under my real name, Bria Burton. Women's fiction, inspirational fiction, science fiction, fantasy (excluding anything related to Livinity), horror, and pet stories are all written under Bria Burton.

What's the Status of Livinity?

I'm currently submitting the completed manuscript of Book One to agents and publishers.
  • Rejections so far: 20
  • Requests for material: 1 agent requested the first ten pages, and then sent a form rejection letter