The Eyes of Mona Lisa: Join the Virtual Party for The Masters Reimagined 2

Official Launch 7/31/2020

The Eyes of Mona Lisa

Featured in The Masters Reimagined Vol. 2

If the entries in her great-great-great-grandmother's diary are true, twenty-year-old Lanea will see the future if she gazes into the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. When a special exhibit of the famed painting arrives at the National Gallery of Art in D.C., Lanea brings her best friend along on her quest to see if the visions are true, and what they may foretell.

You're Invited!

7/31/2020 from 6-9 PM

The Masters Reimagined Vol. 2

Speculative Twists on Classic Works of Art

Join the authors of the Alvarium Experiment as we celebrate the launch of our newest project--all from the comfort of your home! Enjoy giveaways, Q&A's with the authors, and discussions about the eight stories inspired by classic works of art. So grab a drink, a snack, and all your burning questions for a fun night of winning prizes, connecting, and talking stories and art!

How to Read the Stories

The Master Reimagined Vol. 2 is a unique collection of short fiction. Each story in the anthology is available as a Single Kindle Story for $0.99 each. The stories can be read in any order.

No Kindle? No problem! The Kindle app is a free download for all smartphones and tablets. You can go into the App Store for your device and search for "Kindle" and the app will pop up as a free download. Once you download the app, login (usually the same login as Amazon account) and your Kindle library will be ready for you to read and add to!

If you have any trouble getting the app, visit this link: