Back From Vacation

"Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning." Lamentations 3:32 (NLT)

I have to admit it's difficult to come back to the realities of a job and taking care of a home after relaxing poolside for about a week. My parents live in Yuma, AZ, and, as you can see, they have a beautiful pool and patio. My husband, Brian, and I spent as much time as possible on those floaties.

My sister, Larisa, and her husband, Philip flew from Portland making this a family reunion of sorts. We had a wonderful time with them, my parents and my other sister, Aunie. It's hard to come back not quite knowing when we'll all be together again.

I allowed myself to do nothing productive on our trip except spend time with family. So now back home means back to the pursuit of a writing career. Lately, one of the things that comes to mind while setting myself up for some unknown number of rejections is fear. Yet fear doesn't always render me helpless to do things. Rather, it renders me helpless to do the things that will further my writing goals.

Working a full-time job takes time. Running takes time. Spending time with God and in His word takes time. Spending time with my husband, family, and friends takes time.

When writing is my great passion, why is so difficult to allow time for it? Perhaps it's the fear of rejection, but it could be much more. I'm not sure if I grasp all the aspects of fear that could be involved. But I believe that should not be my focus. When talking with other writers or listening to speakers, a consistent theme is to set aside the time. Not everyone agrees on the amount of time required for those serious about writing as a career, but the key is to make an effort to set aside specific time only for writing.

When I write, I listen to music. That might not work for some, but it works well for me. Current listening: Jamie Cullum (CD Pointless Nostalgic--yes, I still have a stereo that plays CDs).

Otherwise, most technology is really not my friend when I write. I've tried writing with the TV on and it turns out to be a catalyst for that fear I spoke of before. It's so much easier to watch a show or movie than turn back to the nearly blank page on my computer screen. Then again, the Internet button can be an enemy as well. Emails take time to answer. Amazon takes time to surf.

I found out that the book with the answer to "thebegin" from my first blog is called Fiction Writer's Brainstormer by James V. Smith. I'm currently reading a fantasy novel called Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier. I went to Barnes & Noble looking for a fantasy book because I've written one and I'd like to broaden my reading in the genre. I didn't want a book in a series because then I'd be stuck reading five books that I probably couldn't put down and that, therefore, would take up a lot of time. Daughter of the Forest looked just right for me, and so far it is. It turns out to be part of a trilogy, which was not clear on the front or back of the book. So I've been duped, but it is excellent writing, and I'm not about to turn back now.

If any fellow writers are looking for a wonderful and FREE source, I highly recommend a website called Funds For Writers by Hope Clark. Go to and subscribe to her free newsletter. She sends it monthly (sometimes more) with information about contests, grants and in general things that will get you paid for your writing. I had the privilege of meeting her at the FWA Conference last year. I also attended her session where she went into great detail about the site, and I bought her book, The Shy Writer. Absolutely adored her. She also posts information about agents and publishers.

It's a beautiful and sunny Florida day, now that the afternoon showers have cleared. I am so blessed to live here. Thank you, God, for your mercies.