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Updates and Publication: The Mute Girl

One of my first short stories, "The Mute Girl," was published in eFantasy March 2013 issue.

This is my first e-mag short story publication.

About four years ago, I wrote the story and decided that I wanted to have it published. I'd been working on my novel, Livinity, epic fantasy, for quite a while. Publishing a fantasy short story seemed like a good idea to get my name out there. I had no idea it would take this long, and even now I praise God that it wasn't published any sooner.

Since that time, I've learned a lot in the submission process. Perseverance. Thankfulness to Jesus even in the disappointment of repeated rejection. I lost count of how many the piece received. I learned not to take rejection to heart. If I received feedback, I tried it out. Maybe not following exact recommendations, but I played around with whatever issues the person had with the story. The last piece of valuable advice I received was an editor disappointed in the ending. They didn…