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Press Release: The Prometheus Saga

ALL-STAR TEAM OF WRITERS LAUNCH UNIQUE SCI-FI EXPERIENCE An all-star team of writers has set out to change the way you read science fiction. They’ve succeeded. The project, codenamed “The Alvarium Experiment,” has brought together twelve accomplished and award-winning authors. After a year of collaboration, they have produced The Prometheus Saga, a collection of short stories that examines the breadth of human existence through alien eyes, from prehistory to the present day.
Building The Team The Alvarium group’s sterling personnel number one more than a professional football lineup. Its members come from all walks of life and specialize in diverse genres. Getting everyone to work together was a feat in itself, but in the members’ differences lies the group’s strength. Ken Pelham, group co-organizer and contributing author, explains the group’s guiding principles: “Alvarium is Latin for beehive. Like bees, which act independently toward a common goal, each of our Alvariu…

A Dream Within A Dream: My first audio production appears on the Journey Into... Podcast

Listen to "A Dream Within A Dream," my first audio production which is featured on the Journey Into... podcast. I narrated the story and provided the sound effects, including the music. It's free to listen to the short story on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any device that links to the web. More detailed instructions at the end of this post.


I've been a fan of the Journey Into... podcast for several years now. The host, Marshal Latham, presents narrated fiction stories, sometimes full cast readings, along with Old Time Radio Shows (think Orson Welles, classic Hitchcock adaptations, The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, X-Minus One science fiction, etc).

A couple of years ago, Marshal hosted an Edgar Allan Poe writing contest. Stories had to be titled after a work of Poe's, but the rest was up to the author. I wrote "A Dream Within A Dream," but my submission got lost in cyber space. When I contac…