A Fairie Tale

The assassination plot of a king, a mindchantress hiding her race in a human country, a disillusioned pirate falling for a fairie spy, four prisoners lost in a treacherous wood where legend marks death for all who enter…Livinity is only the beginning.

Author Shayla Cole

Shayla Cole is the pen name for Bria Burton. Shayla is the nom de plume I use for all things related to my epic fantasy trilogy, Livinity. All other writing is under my real name, Bria Burton. Women's fiction, inspirational fiction, science fiction, fantasy (excluding anything related to Livinity), horror, and pet stories are all written under Bria Burton.

Award Winner

Livinity won a First Place Royal Palm Literary Award.


The first book in the trilogy is complete. I'm in the process of submitting to agents and publishers.

Book One

In medieval Livinity, conspirators plot to assassinate a king seeking integration for fairies and humans. Lady Chloe may be the only one who can save him, but she’s been hiding her skills as a mindchantress. If anyone at court discovers her secret, her own life will be in danger.

Captain Calkham regrets his allegiance to an evil tyrant. After one last mission, he’ll be finished with piracy. But when Calklham falls in love with a fairie spy, he must find a way to convince her to flee with him before her dark mission leads her down an inescapable path.

Unsure why armed soldiers captured them, Elosin and three other prisoners escape and hide in the woods, but the forest holds its own terrors. An unknown creature stalks them in the night, and Elosin fears they are doomed until a mysterious fairie offers sanctuary. But can he be trusted?

Livinity is a sweeping, epic tale where the rising conflicts between fairies and humans could unleash a darkness that threatens the entire world.

Cast of Characters
Lady Chloe

Lady Chloe must find a way to foil the assassination plot against the king she serves. If she fails, the king’s death would fulfill a prophecy portending the doom of the entire kingdom, and the darkness will spread throughout the world.

Captain Calkham

Captain Calkham regrets the years spent serving a ruthless tyrant. He's determined to end his life of piracy through the completion of his contract and pursue honorable means of income. If the evil ruler will not end Calkham’s contract, escape from piracy would mean a life on the run, or death if he is caught.


Elosin and his fellow prisoners escape from soldiers and take shelter in the woods. However, creatures of the forest stalk them and the soldiers are not far behind. Elosin has little hope of finding a way home.

An Epic Fantasy Trilogy

Their stories begin as separate journeys that eventually coincide to a unified purpose: stop the evil tyrant vying for power, and stay the darkness that threatens to consume all of Livinity.