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Book Signing Tomorrow at the Tampa Bay Book Fair

What: Lance & Ringo Tails paperback and ebook signing The Prometheus Sagabook signing Little Angel Helper ebook signing When: Saturday, Nov 7, 2015 2 - 8 PM
Where: Tampa Bay Book Fair Park Station 5851 Park Blvd Pinellas Park, FL

I'll be signing books during the Tampa Bay Book Fair on Saturday, Nov. 7th. The event includes readings, panels, and workshops. Several local authors will be there signing their books. Stop by and get a signed copy of one (or several) of my books!

Lance & Ringo Tails is available in paperback and/or ebook format. Thanks to Autography, I'll be personalizing and signing ebooks at the event.

The Prometheus Saga includes my short story, "On Both Sides." This award-winning collection of historical and science fiction is available in paperback.

Also available in ebook only is Little Angel Helper. The novella, a 2015 RPLA Finalist, is about siblings, special needs, sacrifice, and faith in things unseen. Thanks to Autography, I'll be personal…