My First Elementary School Presentation

Saying YES If you read my last blog post called 20 Things For 2020 you probably noticed that I had one item (#4) regarding realistic writing goals. That includes saying "Yes" when I can.
When a local author friend reached out to me about Blanton Elementary School's "Fall in Love with Reading" event, I was thrilled to be invited to give a presentation. This was my very first time coming to an elementary school as an author. A Special Night
My presentation focused on the stars of my children's book, Lance the dog and Ringo the cat. I talked about how writing inspiration can come from real people (and pets!). The kids seemed to really enjoy my talk. And to my surprise, I sold several copies of Lance & Ringo Tails that night. Having never done an event like this before, I had no expectations regarding book sales, but was pleasantly surprised.
Another local author also gave a presentation. Davon Miller, a high school student…

20 Things For 2020

A Fresh Start While I firmly believe that every morning is the opportunity for a fresh start, that sentiment is especially strong at the beginning of a new year. And I do realize the month of January has already come and gone. It's already February! One of the things I love about February is that it's my birthday month. This year for my birthday, I requested a writers retreat as my present. I signed up for the Realm Makers Winter Retreat here in Florida. I can't wait.
What Does 2020 Have in Store? Things like writing retreats aren't necessarily easy to plan with a 2 year old, a husband, two pets, etc. But that's one of the reasons I came up with a list of 20 things that I'd like to focus on, accomplish, or even dream about in 2020. Most importantly, this list is limited to what I can control, not things that are out of my control.
You said... It was so wonderful to hear from two of my dearest friends who responded to my email newsletter (which this blog is a cop…

New Podcast: Lance & Ringo Tails

Lance & Ringo Tails Podcast Stories written and narrated by Bria Burton Ways to ListenANY WEB BROWSER, APPLE PODCASTS, SPOTIFY, AND POCKET CASTS

I'm so pleased to announce my newest writing adventure: a podcast! Years ago, I released my very first book called Lance & Ringo Tails. I've had experience voicing characters on podcasts and even producing podcasts since then, so I decided to venture into this new medium. And I'm having a blast! I hope you will, too.
The stories are always free, fun, and family friendly. So far, I've released three episodes, all holiday stories. Episode One: When Humans Go Too Far (a Halloween story), Episode Two: Thank You Brother (a Thanksgiving story), and Episode Three: A Christmas Tail. Latest Episode Narrated by the Author Lance & Ringo Tails Tail Ten A Christmas Tail

Trouble with the media player? CLICK HERE for the source page where you can listen to and download the story.

MerryChristmas from Lance and R…

The Bloodiest Sword is King, a flash fiction story

Medieval Fantasy, Quick Read, & A Little Dark

The Bloodiest Sword is King by Bria Burton
A stranger approaches the gate to the Catastrapha's kingdom, and Xildar must decide whether he is a friend or foe.

Free Today Only READ NOW Fantasy Friday 5/24/19
Each weekday, Havok Publishing presents a genre-themed story, and my first flash fiction story is appearing today in their Fantasy Friday slot.
My short stories tend to range between 5,000 and 15,000 words. In other words, they're not very short. I made a goal to attempt a flash fiction story many years ago, but until today I'd never succeeded in publishing a 1,000 word or less story. I'm very pleased that "The Bloodiest Sword is King" was selected for publication in Havok. The story has some dark elements and violence, but my goal was to avoid graphic or gratuitous violence. You, dear reader, can let me know if I've succeeded. My greatest hope is that the deeper message comes through. I'll write a sepa…

The Dying Light of Stars on the Journey Into Podcast

Space Stations, Moon Colonies, A Space Bridge, & A Lone Survivor

Valla Hale is trapped aboard Earth S-1 Station where an unexplained mass casualty event has left her devastated and alone. But everything is on lock-down and she's running out of time to escape.
LISTEN NOW Click HERE for the Free Podcast Episode
Fullcast Production = voice actors, sound effects, & music
ME: Mind Blown!
Winner of the Journey Into Writing Contest
About two and a half years ago, I wrote a speculative fiction story for a podcast contest. The contest rules were simple: the title must include "Journey Into," the genre should be spec fic (science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror), and there had to be a journey of some kind within the story.

For the contest, I wanted to write a science fiction story involving isolation either on or near the moon. I brainstormed ways to incorporate a moon colony. Eventually, I decided to set the story on a space station near Earth connected by a 350,000 km b…

Today in History: An American Revolutionary Heroine & a Sci-Fi Twist

April 26, 1777
It's not a holiday, nor a date most would associate with the American Revolution. Even the name Sybil Ludington conjures up a daring, sixteen-year-old revolutionary for few Americans today. In time, I hope that will change.

In “Her Midnight Ride,” a short story featured in The Prometheus Saga Vol. 2, Sybil is the main protagonist fighting for American Independence.

A Revolutionary Heroine & a Sci-Fi Twist
While the story is based on historical facts, the premise of each short story in The Prometheus Saga revolves around the idea that an alien presence is observing humanity throughout history, watching how we evolve over time and intervening when desired. The collected stories are part of a science fiction anthology created by the Alvarium Experiment.

In “Her Midnight Ride,” history dominates and the science fiction is subtly woven in. My goal was to shed light on Sybil while telling an entertaining story with a sci-fi twist. I didn’t want the science fiction to overw…

I Need Help With a Title (and you get Two Free Ebooks)

Judging A Book By Its Title I'm looking for feedback on some title choices that I've been mulling over. If you send me a reply at, I'll send you one of my ebooks and an ebook from fantasy & sci-fi author C.L. Roman for FREE!

Scroll down to see what the title choices are and send me an email to let me know which one you think sounds best. Or you can tell me your title idea.

The Freebies The Running Girls by Bria Burton This heartwarming, quick read will touch your heart as you join 17-year-old Clara on a 500-mile summer running challenge. To Clara's dismay, her parents make her run with the weird girl, Joan, but little does Clara know that there's more to Joan than meets the eye. 

Catalyst by C.L. Roman This prequel to the Outcast Angels series begins with the Maker at war with Lucifer and the Fallen - setting the stage for an epic battle that good may not be able to win. When a child is taken for sacrifice, the angels fight to save him,…