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"AOB" featured in Return to Earth

A New Alvarium Experiment Project Today, the Alvarium Experiment launched its second project called Return to Earth. Ten accomplished and award-winning authors weave tales based on this premise: What if extraterrestrials came to Earth and they were human?
Each story is $0.99 each in the Kindle Store. Stories can be read in any order.AOB
by Bria Burton
Aona, an Alien-Operated Bot (AOB), suffers a malfunction that could jeopardize her mission on Earth and could lead to the extinction of an entire species from another planet.

Q - What is Return to Earth? A - In Return to Earth, ten authors unite to interpret how humankind would react to the arrival of extraterrestrials who happen to be human. The stories range in setting from recent history to far future. This is the second project by the Alvarium Experiment, a consortium of accomplished and award-winning authors.
Q - Where should a reader start when selecting a short story to read in Return to Earth? A - Each story is self-contained and…