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2015 Royal Palm Literary Award Winner ~ Sprinter

At this year's RPLA Banquet, I listened as each category winner was announced, and the joy of writer after writer swept over the room.

As a contributor to The Prometheus Saga, I was equally thrilled for my fellow Alvarium Experiment authors who won awards, including some of the Saga stories: Jade Kerrion, Antonio Simon, Jr., Parker Francis, Ken Pelham, Daco, and Elle Andrews Patt (not pictured).

When the novella category came up, I waited as 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places were announced. Finalist Little Angel Helper was not among them, and I admit I had a brief moment of disappointment. I'm really proud of that little novella, but as in all contests, we cannot all be winners. And I quickly realized that being a 2015 RPLA Finalist is still a thrill, too.

The very last genre was Women's Fiction. As 3rd and 2nd Place were announced in the Unpublished category, my shoulders slumped and I found myself giving up hope. If anything, I thought I would get 3rd Place, maybe 2nd. With thos…