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Interview with Fantasy Author C.L. Roman

Guest Author Appearance at Gulfport Art Walk

Fantasy author C.L. Roman will be visiting the Tampa Bay area soon. I'm so excited to introduce you to this incredibly talented author.

Interview with Cheri Roman
Welcome, Cheri! Let's talk about your latest book. What's it about?
My latest book is a paranormal YA about Lila, a teenager who knew three things about herself for sure: she was human, she was ordinary and she was adopted. She was wrong on two out of the three.
On her fifteenth birthday, she simultaneously discovers a hitherto unknown ability to cast fire, and burns down her family home. Lila was adopted, but the details of her birth story have been kept from her, with good reason. Now she is being pursued by people who want to use her abilities, or her body, to benefit themselves.
It’s the second book in the Witch of Forsythe High series.

Describe your writing process. For example, do you plan out your books or are you a pantser (one who writes by the seat of their pants)?