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Guest Blog For FWA: Leading a Critique Group

Blogmaster Chris Hamilton of the FWA blog asked me to contribute an article about leading a critique group. I was more than happy to provide my thoughts. I've had almost two years experience with leading a critique group, and I have a lot to say!

Check out the November 14th post here

If you are interested in joining a critique group or leading a critique group, I recommend you go for it and I hope you'll take a look at my advice. For people who want to get more serious about their writing and improve their craft, having an audience (not your Mom) can be extremely helpful.

FWA Conference Part III

Part III  The RPLA Banquet

The Royal Palm Literary Awards Banquet took place Saturday night. I had it in my mind to not think about winning, but to be grateful that I was a finalist. I could query agents and publishers with the line, "This manuscript was a finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Awards," and that would be great even if I didn't win.

I had no way of knowing how many entries were in my Unpublished Fantasy Novel category. Nor did I know how many others were finalists like me. The chances of winning were completely unknown to me, and still are, in fact.

I had the privilege of meeting Nicole Resciniti, an agent with the The Seymour Agency, just outside the banquet hall before the doors were opened. She and I had chatted about Sprinter at breakfast that morning, and she was willing to take a look at the manuscript. I planned to email her after the conference was over.

When I spotted her waiting to get into the banquet, I realized I hadn't even mentioned Livin…