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FWA Conference 2012

At the moment, life, in a word, is insanity.

Yet I'm determined to talk about the FWA Conference, however briefly. It was over a month ago now, and I'll probably start to forget some of the great details if I wait much longer.

This was my fourth time attending, first time staying at the hotel. I was so happy to be sharing a room with my dear friend and fellow critique group member, Rachel. No driving back and forth.

The sessions were awesome. The ones that stood out:

Backstory led by Julie Compton and Jamie Morris. Julie was a keynote speaker for the conference.

POV Part II led by Rebecca Melvin. I had done Part I two years ago when I first met Rebecca. Side note: she's a publisher with Double Edge Press who is currently reviewing Sprinter!

Agents/Publishers Panel facilitated by Vic DiGenti. This open mic Q & A is excellent every year. They revealed many current trends of publishing and what agents/publishers look for. The highlight was Benjamin....drawing a blank on …

Post Conference, My Wheels Is Available Online

After the FWA Conference, there is so much that I'm eager to share. Unfortunately, life hasn't paused to allow me to take much breath since the conference ended. The day after, I immediately returned to the day job. I wish I could have spent the day processing the wealth of information I received at the conference, but such is the life of a writer with a day job.

Sadly, we discovered a leak in our bathroom that has led to unplanned house renovations of three bedrooms and our hallway. Luckily, I have an extremely handy hubby who is doing most of the work himself. I've also done two half marathons since the conference. That has taken up lots of time due to training. The training did pay off, and I did well at both races and had an awesome time.

I'll be posting about the conference soon, but wanted to take a moment to announce that My Wheels, the FWA collection that just came out with my latest short story publication, is now available for purchase online.

You can buy it…