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The St. Petersburg branch of FWA meets at the main library once a month. Our last meeting, we had the privilege of hearing Ron Riekki, author of U.P. (website: talk about being a writer and being successful.

His words pushed me, encouraged me, and made me cringe thinking about what I should be doing, but wasn’t doing yet. He strives to write something (poem, short story, etc), every day. He strives to submit something (poem, short story, etc) every day. When he described the person who submits their one novel, then checks their snail or email again and again, and then becomes devastated by rejection, it sounded familiar.

If a writer is submitting every day, he said, the rejections may start piling in your inbox or mailbox, but the acceptances will start coming eventually, too. Then the rejections won’t be so devastating because the writer won’t be hanging in the balance with their one novel.

Another recommendation he made for those serious about writing: get…