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Short Story Publication: "The Wheels Must Turn"

I'm very excited for the upcoming FWA Conference. It starts this Friday, and I'm carpooling and rooming with my dear friend, Rachel. She and I met at the conference last year, and she ended up joining my critique group shortly after.

One of the other reasons I'm excited is that I made it into the FWA short story collection for the third year in a row. PTL!

My science fiction short story, "The Wheels Must Turn," will appear in FWA Collection #4 My Wheels. The book debuts at the conference, and I get to join the other fifty-nine authors in a group book signing.

The story is about a young narrator who comes to grips with the death of her father aboard a spaceship.

This is my fourth year attending the FWA Conference. It's strange, I know, that I won First Place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards at last year's conference in the Unpublished Fantasy novel category...and I'm still re-editing Livinity. I received a rejection from an agent a few months after I…