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Why Write?

I continue to submit my novel, Sprinter, in hopes of receiving word that someone wants to help me publish it. In an earlier post, I talked about waiting. Yes, I’m still waiting.

While I wait, I wanted to clarify why I write.

Simply put, I write because I love it. I love the actual feel of pen to paper. Especially a really good pen and a new journal with a decorative cover. The cover helps me decide what type of story I will write. I have filled journal after journal, which are now stacked in my bookshelf. Granted, typing is faster, but I enjoy reverting to my pen.

I also write because I have a gift, though the gift doesn’t exclude all the hard work of attempting publication. My imagination gives me vivid pictures that beg to spill onto a blank page. Thank you, God, for that blessing.

I am a writer, therefore I write. I write as often as I can, and as much as I can produce at a time. I continue to pursue writing as a career, but the statistics have spoken, and many writers still have t…

Reading Aloud

Tonight, I read a segment from Sprinter, my inspirational women's fiction novel, at the Florida Writers Association meeting.  I heard a few very nice comments from listeners, and I look forward to more, whether nice or not.  I want it all!

For anyone who would like to comment on my reading, please do so here.

It's amazing how practice helps, even in something like reading my writing to an audience.  This is the second time I have stood up front at an FWA meeting, and it really does get easier.

We had a wonderful speaker tonight, Nancy, from Books At Park Place.  If you live in St. Pete, I hope you will visit the store in Disston Plaza on 38th Ave N & 49th St N.

I failed to follow my once-a-month pattern of blogging, but December was simply too crazy for me.  I'll make up for it by blogging twice for January.

One tip that I've found very helpful along the reading aloud lines: be sure to read your own writing aloud to yourself.  It's a great editing tool.