Why Write?

I continue to submit my novel, Sprinter, in hopes of receiving word that someone wants to help me publish it. In an earlier post, I talked about waiting. Yes, I’m still waiting.

While I wait, I wanted to clarify why I write.

Simply put, I write because I love it. I love the actual feel of pen to paper. Especially a really good pen and a new journal with a decorative cover. The cover helps me decide what type of story I will write. I have filled journal after journal, which are now stacked in my bookshelf. Granted, typing is faster, but I enjoy reverting to my pen.

I also write because I have a gift, though the gift doesn’t exclude all the hard work of attempting publication. My imagination gives me vivid pictures that beg to spill onto a blank page. Thank you, God, for that blessing.

I am a writer, therefore I write. I write as often as I can, and as much as I can produce at a time. I continue to pursue writing as a career, but the statistics have spoken, and many writers still have to keep their day jobs. Though not my preference, I would continue to write even in the case that the day job has to stick around.

Most of all, the rewards of seeing a story that started in my mind come to life on the page are indescribable. I’ve come to know everything about Riley, my main character in Sprinter, as if she is a real person. I’m praying the day comes I will see her story in print.

Sharing my writing with the world will likely bless me more than others, but I hope my writing can also impact and bless others, too.


  1. You have the right intentions with your writing, your heart is to bless others and the bible say when we seek first the Kingdom of God, everything else will be added to us. God will open the right doors for you at the right time.


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