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Just Keep Writing

I’m pleased to write that I’ve been a poor blogger lately because I’ve been more diligent on my novel, Sprinter (minus a two-week period where family members were visiting).

When I hit a minor block in chapter four, it took a few months for me to realize I needed to change chapter two in regard to Riley’s (main character) attitude toward counseling. Her sessions become the major catalyst for her healing years after her mother’s death at the Athens’ Marathon in 1986.

Once I made the necessary change—removing some of her negativity toward counseling—the next few chapters started flowing and I’m up to chapter eleven! I’m eager to get back to writing more this weekend.

On a slightly different topic, does anyone else enjoy Instant Netflix as much as me? If you have a streaming device (we have a Roku box), it’s such a treat to watch instant movies on your TV straight from your computer.

I recently watched a documentary called Spirit of the Marathon. I believe it just came off the instant v…