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Award Winner: Little Angel Helper

A Broke 30-Something Guy
A Sister With Special Needs
A Teacher Who Will Do What it Takes to Help Them

At the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards, Little Angel Helper won Third Place in the Published Novella category.
Awards Don't Get Old It was an exciting evening where friends walked across the stage to receive their awards and the chocolate dessert begged to be finished while politely asking to be kept pristine at the same time.

Do I eat you or just admire you?
My category fell near the end of the ceremony, but I had a great group at my table. They encouraged me and almost convinced me not to be nervous.

Love these ladies!
Every year, I talk myself into not being disappointed when my name isn't called. After two First Place RPLAs, it might sound silly, but I convince myself that I haven't won anything every time. Which is why I'm so shocked when the presenter reads the logline of my book.
"Thirty-something Bradley Hunter is broke and can't take care of his…