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The Liebster Award: 10 Questions Blog Hop

I joined a blog hop!

Which doesn't actually have anything to do with an award, as far as I know. It's more like a game of virtual tag with no tag backs. I was tagged by Faydra Stratton, whom I met at the FWA Conference this past October. Other bloggers tagged include Beth Salmon, Serena Schreiber and Carrie Morgan.

10 Questions from Faydra: "It's the day before Thanksgiving. Let's start off with some holiday-themed questions..."

1. What traditional Thanksgiving dish do you wish would never show up on your table again?

I'm not sure that I would exclude ANY of the dishes that I consider traditional. However, there is a dish that pops up as a favorite of a select few family members that just doesn't work for me: shrimp salad. I love seafood, I just don't generally want any with my turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

2. How do you keep writing during the holiday season?

Because my "job" this past year and a half has been to write at home…

A wonderful Florida Bookstore Day

Florida Bookstore Day is a celebration of independent bookstores, and I truly enjoyed spending my day at Wilson's Book World on November 15th.

 I did a reading and sold several copies of Lance & Ringo Tails!
Fellow FWA member Eleanora Sabin (E Rose Sabin) did a reading just prior to mine. Other fellow FWA authors included Sunny Fader and John Rehg.
To my surprise and delight, one of the people who showed up to buy one of my books and listen to my reading traveled all the way from the east coast of Florida! Author M.J. Carlson (center) is a fellow FWA member. He and Pam had friends to visit in St. Pete and decided to come to my book signing, too.

I was so thrilled to meet Michael because he's also one of the authors in the Alvarium Experiment. Yes, that elusive consortium of authors comes up yet again.


It's an exciting, new, and slightly different type of short story collection, and I'm thrilled to be included.

If you're on Twitter,…