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Publication news and more humility

Last week during Life Group (read Bible Study), we were in 1 Peter talking about pride and humbling oneself. I had a post earlier this year about humility. The Lord continues to reaffirm that message to me: humble yourself, because the alternative is to be humbled (read humiliated).

In our group, we talked about athletes who made a touchdown, a basket, or a home run and immediately lifted a finger to heaven or audibly praised God. That takes humility. It's saying, I made the touchdown, but God made me. He's the reason I'm blessed. Not everybody likes to see that, adding to the humbling experience beyond simply redirecting praise.

In writing, there's not a standard "score" to keep. Each individual has different goals and measures their successes differently. When I'm humbled, I measure each forward step as a success, and I credit Christ first. But I'm not always humbled. It's something I still have to work on every day.

I have two upcoming publica…