Narration, Production, and Podcasts

As an occasional narrator and producer on the Journey Into podcast and the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, I've expanded my skills to include audio production.

My stories featured on the podcasts:

Journey Into...

Ligeia (Episode 86)
A Dream Within a Dream (Episode 133)

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

Switching (Episode 163)
The Smallest Gift (Episode 187, my story at 1 hour, 28 mins)

Bria's Voice at Work

Check out these full-cast productions, including some of my own short stories:

A Dream Within A Dream by Bria Burton ~ produced and narrated by Bria
Ligeia by Bria Burton ~ Bria voices the wife
The Smallest Gift by Bria Burton ~ produced and narrated by Bria for the Dunesteef Holiday Episode (story starts at 1 hr 28 mins)
Beggar's Canyon by Rish Outfield (Star Wars fan fiction) ~ Bria voices Aunt Beru
A Slight Delay by Rish Outfield ~ Bria voices the flight attendant and a passenger
Wikihistory by Desmond Warzel ~ Bria voices SaucyAussie and BigChill

Listen to Stories

I love to read, and I love to write even more. More often, when I have free time, I use it to write. Yet reading is very important for everyone, especially writers.

One of the ways I have managed my reading time is with my Kindle, iPhone, and iPad.

Another great way to read while running or during commutes: podcasts and audiobooks. Librivox has an app called Audiobooks with tons of public domain books read by volunteers, and it's free to listen. Audible gives you a free trial, and many podcasts (such as my list below) are free.


The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

I love hearing a short story that is not simply read, but that includes sound effects and voice actors. After each story, the hosts, Rish Outfield and Big Anklevich, talk about anything and everything. If you upload the podcast through iTunes, you will notice the explicit warning. The Dunesteef does not rate episodes, and sometimes elements in the stories and after-story banter may not be appropriate for children. The stories are primarily speculative fiction: fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

My top ten:
1. Anakoinosis (Episode 97)
2. Lost (Episode 62)
3. Lonely Heart Clob (Episode 23)
4. This Must Be The Place (Episode 79)
5. Japanese Motorcycle Clob (Episode 38)
6. Casts a Demon Shadow (Episode 56)
7. Playable Character (Episode 60)
8. All The Cool Monsters At Once (Episode 111)
9. Uberman (Episode 14)
10. Revolving Door (Episode 32)

Journey Into

This podcast, hosted by Marshal Latham, features old-time radio shows and, about once a month, full cast readings (like the Dunesteef, the stories are dramatized). I really enjoy these stories, the same my dad talked about hearing as a kid on the radio. The Shadow, Sherlock Holmes, The Saint, Horatio Hornblower, and other well-known characters frequent the podcast.