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Brief Update

Because I'm spending most of my time writing Lance & Ringo Tails and editing Livinity, I haven't devoted any time to my blogs lately (this one or Anti-Running Runner, but Lance & Ringo Tails blog is updated regularly). I do give updates on Twitter @briaburton for anyone who wants to follow my feed.

So here's a brief update.

I attended the FWA Conference in October, and it was a wonderful time as always. The sessions were extremely informative and I love seeing friends from previous conferences and hearing about their writing progress. My short story, "The Price of Integrity" was published in FWA Collection #5 It's a Crime.

I've decided to take all of my short stories from Lance & Ringo Tails and put them into a collection that will be available as a print and e-book to be released Dec 15th. Tail Ten will be exclusively featured in this collection. The other nine "tails" are currently available in the Kindle Store.

About 18 months a…