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The Journey and The Prize

Sometimes I think about the prize (novel publication, writing as a career) more than the journey. I wonder, when will I get there? It's a question for God, and I think I've heard him answer, Not yet. Unless that's just the voice in my head. Time will tell.
Sometimes I think about the journey. Writing, rewriting. Editing, re-editing. Multiply that by 100. Then fashion a query, synopsis, and search for the appropriate agent/publisher for the book(s) and/or story(ies). Receive a rejection. Find the next market. Another rejection. Next market. PUSH (see previous post).
I can get disillusioned by the process, but then I remember...I am writing. I love this. I love writing. I'm not getting paid for it at the moment, but I really do love the process. Because writing is the process. Taking a story that started with a blank page and crafting it to the best it can be feeds my soul. I'm pretty sure God designed me to love creating stories, though that doesn't mean the prize…