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"A Black Gaping Hole" and a warning to writers

It's an apt title. "A Black Gaping Hole," as I mentioned in a previous post back in 2012, was selected for publication in the March 2013 issue of Aoife's Kiss. However, the story fell into a black gaping hole of its own.

First off, a warning.

White Cat Publications and Sam's Dot (multiple imprints including Aoife's Kiss #44)
To read the open letter of resignation from Dora Badger, former employee, click HERE

Here's a summation of what happened:
In 2012, "A Black Gaping Hole" was selected for publication inAoife's KissMarch 2013 issue. However, the publisher was taken over and the new publisher (WCP) failed to fulfill my contract. The agreement made with the first publisher was $15 payment plus contributor's copy. I queried and eventually received a response from Dora Badger (the same employee who later resigned). My check was in the mail, she said over and over again. And she apologized each time I didn't receive said check…