The Bloodiest Sword is King ~ Havok Publishing May 24, 2019 (subscribers only)

Journey Into the Dying Light of Stars ~ Journey Into May 2019

Her Midnight Ride ~ The Prometheus Saga Vol. 2 July 2018

The Count of the Alician Apocalypse ~ The Masters Reimagined July 2017

Maribel's Day of Death ~ About Time Nov 2016 (reprint)

The Running Girls ~ Autography Edition and Amazon Edition Sept 2016

AOB~ Return to Earth, a project of the Alvarium Experiment Aug 2016

A Dream Within A Dream ~ In Shadows Written Jan 2016 (reprint)

On Both Sides ~ The Prometheus Saga Sept 2015

The Mute Girl ~ Youth Imagination Sept 2015 (reprint)

 A Dream Within A Dream ~ Journey Into Sept 2015

Tight Pants ~ Page & Spine Aug 2015

Ticket to Heaven ~ Faith Hope and Fiction Aug 2015

The Wheels Must Turn ~ Broken Worlds July 2015

In Line at the DMYV ~ Welcome to the Future anthology Jan 2015

Little Angel Helper ~ 2016 Royal Palm Literary Award Winner

Autography Edition and Amazon Edition

The Darkness Below ~ The Colored Lens #13 Autumn 2014 issue (my first paid publication!)

 Switching ~ Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine August 2014

Ligeia ~ Journey Into January 2014

 The Mute Girl ~ eFantasy March 2013

"This is Hollywood" ~ FICTION on the WEB Jan 2013 

Lance & Ringo Tails Autography Edition and Amazon Edition Dec 2013

~FWA Collections Revisions: Stories of Starting Over, It's a Crime, My Wheels, Let's Talk, and Slices of Life are available for purchase at the Florida Writers online bookstore.

Empty Girl ~ FWA Collection #5 Revisions: Stories of Starting Over

The Price of Integrity ~ FWA Collection #5 It's a Crime

The Wheels Must Turn ~ FWA Collection #4 My Wheels

Ma Says ~ FWA Collection #3 Let's Talk

Maribel's Day of Death ~ FWA Collection #2 Slices of Life (my very first short story was the #4 top pick)