Inspirational Women's Fiction

Riley Sprinter's world shatters when her mother is murdered at the 1986 Athens Marathon. Can she ever find a way to heal, or will her professional running dreams remain out of reach?


In 2016, I received two full manuscript requests, including an offer of representation from an agent. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. Getting ready to query agents and publishers again after some edits.

A Race. A Murder. A Shattered Olympic Dream.

Riley Sprinter just wants to run alone. Relationships are too risky with the threat of a pain attack. PTSD is the most likely explanation for the "episodes," her random, side-splitting cramps. The triggers vary, and Riley would rather avoid people than suffer for something she doesn't understand.

When a stranger at a coffee shop casually mentions the televised murder of Riley's mother at the 1986 Athens Marathon, Riley reacts to prevent the stranger from triggering an episode. Her assault causes the stranger to fall, and he claims he can't get up. Arrested and facing a financially crippling lawsuit, Riley opts for counseling to prevent the loss of her interior design job.

At counseling, Riley goes through the motions, not expecting to get anything out of it. Her counselor gently draws Riley into conversations, and eventually convinces her to talk about the most likely root cause for her PTSD: D-Day, Riley's term for the day of her mother's death. 

Riley never wanted to explore her past. It's too painful. But can talking about what happened set her free from the prison she has created for herself? Can she dare to hope for the professional running career that she abandoned as a long-lost childhood dream?