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Now in the Kindle Store: Little Angel Helper

Kindle Edition Released today

A novella about siblings, special needs, sacrifice, unfortunate circumstances, and faith in things unseen.

Bradley Hunter lost his job, his rent's due, and he's up to here in gambling debt. His sister, Marie, shows up at the worst time, before he has a chance to call Paulina, the lady from her adult special needs program, and stop her from bringing Marie to New York. Now he has to tell her in person that he can't become Marie's legal guardian after all.

Paulina, a "guide" at TACA (Topeka Action Center for Adults), loves her job as a helper for those with special needs. She cannot accept that Bradley would back out on his sister when she needs him most. With little time left, she'll do whatever it takes to convince Bradley to sign the guardianship papers.

This novella was inspired by my sister, Aunie, who has a lot in common with Marie, the special needs character in the story. Originally, Little Angel Helper appeared…

Book cover preview: Little Angel Helper

Little Angel Helper hits the electronic shelf in less than one week. Next Saturday, the novella will be available in the Kindle Store. Here's the first preview of the book cover.

The book is about siblings, special needs, sacrifice, unfortunate circumstances, and faith in things unseen.

The Alvarium Experiment and The Prometheus Saga

The question was posed: What is the Alvarium Experiment?

Finally, the big reveal.

The Alvarium Experiment is not so much a what, but a whom. Twelve award-winning authors are collaborating on a new kind of short story collection. I feel so very humbled to have been asked to join this experiment.

That begs another question. What is the collection called?

Answer: The Prometheus Saga

The Prometheus Saga will be released in mid-to-late January 2015. The authors are...drumroll please...

Charles A. Cornell (founder) Ken Pelham (founder) Bard Constantine Kay Kendall Parker Francis Jade Kerrion Daco M.J. Carlson Elle Andrews Patt Doug Dandridge Antonio Simon, Jr. Bria Burton (me!)
The experimental aspect involves the method by which readers will experience this new collection. Each author was given a general premise for one central character that must be incorporated into each story. The premise boundaries (within the science fiction genre) provide a lot of leeway for variety in the stories. For example, …

eBook release date announced: Little Angel Helper

Little Angel Helper a novella Release Date: Saturday, Dec20, 2014

In July, I wrote a live story on this blog called "Little Angel Helper." For seventeen days in a row, I made daily entries. The hosts of the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine provided a prompt for anyone who wanted to join them in a live story blogging event. This was the first time I'd ever written a live story, and I ended up with a novella.

Currently, the story is still available to read. Click HERE to start from the beginning and click Newer Post to read the next segment. After publication, the live story will be removed from my blog. If you'd like to read the story for free, now is your chance!

On Dec 20th, I'll publish the story in the Kindle Store and possibly elsewhere. Stay tuned for more info.