Now in the Kindle Store: Little Angel Helper

Kindle Edition
Released today
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A novella about siblings, special needs, sacrifice, unfortunate circumstances, and faith in things unseen.

Bradley Hunter lost his job, his rent's due, and he's up to here in gambling debt. His sister, Marie, shows up at the worst time, before he has a chance to call Paulina, the lady from her adult special needs program, and stop her from bringing Marie to New York. Now he has to tell her in person that he can't become Marie's legal guardian after all.

Paulina, a "guide" at TACA (Topeka Action Center for Adults), loves her job as a helper for those with special needs. She cannot accept that Bradley would back out on his sister when she needs him most. With little time left, she'll do whatever it takes to convince Bradley to sign the guardianship papers.

This novella was inspired by my sister, Aunie, who has a lot in common with Marie, the special needs character in the story. Originally, Little Angel Helper appeared as a live story on this blog.


  1. Best of luck with your novella, Bria. I pray your Christmas is healing for you and those you love. I miss you at my blog. I hope you pay a visit sometime! :-)


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