Moving Forward

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

The message at my church last Sunday was in reference to repentance. Oftentimes, I don’t think to repent, even when I know I am sinning. It is much easier to pray about the areas in my life where I need help and praise the Lord for the wonderful things he does. Repentance doesn’t even occur to me.

The message reminded me of something. I so easily fall back into a routine that doesn’t include, or even attempt to include, daily writing. As a result, I am experiencing that crippling fear I mentioned a few entries ago.

Writer’s write!

I believe that to be true. How else can anyone achieve publication? I have excuses, such as family visitors and training for the Gasparilla Marathon. As I train, I even write in my head because my current novel-in-progress is about running. Yet I haven’t been writing down those thoughts when I return home. At a recent FWA meeting, a wonderful speaker talked about her mother who began writing at age 86. She carried a notebook everywhere. She was always writing.

I was encouraged, and I’ve begun carrying a notebook around myself. Not during my running, but at work, in the car, at the grocery store. You never know when some brilliant idea will pop into your head, or when some scene will play out before you that could become a great story.

This Sunday, I will complete the marathon with my cousin, Alyssa. It might not be pretty. But I feel ready because I’ve been running the necessary distances. That’s why I can call myself a runner. Because I run.

Leaving my lack of discipline behind, I repent and move forward. I am a writer. Because I write.


  1. The worst is when you get an idea WHILE driving. It's really hard to read your handwriting sometimes later.


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