A free contest: Your Life...The Reader's Digest Version

Can the writers of the world say, "Free?"  "FREE!"

Yes, this contest with a $25,000 winning cash prize is free.

Which means it's probably going to be difficult to win with all the submissions. But there are other cash prizes and chances for publication in Reader's Digest.

I've been notified that my 150 word submission to the Your Life...The Reader's Digest Version Contest is being considered for publication in an upcoming issue of Reader's Digest!

Let me know if you submitted a piece by pasting the link in the comments. I'll be happy to vote for you!

To read "Life Is A Blink" and vote for me, click http://apps.facebook.com/yourlifecontest/content/life-blink


  1. Bria,
    Free is wonderful, especially for a writer. Thank you for sharing this link! I loved your story and voted for it—and will do so again. I will be posting my own stories today as well, thanks to your encouragement. You are a wonderful writer and a great friend!

    P.S. Thanks also for your time assisting me with my blog yesterday! I finally determined the source of the discrepancy. Apparently, MS Internet Explorer and Google are having a test of wills and we [the consumer] are the unfortunate pawns in the battle. Opening my browser in Internet Explorer was the culprit. Had I used Firefox I could have posted anything anywhere anytime. That said, I am now using Firefox and able to post comments again...yeah!

  2. Cate, you got your own profile loaded! Yay! Thanks so much for the comment. I voted for your stories too!


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