Short Story Publication: "The Wheels Must Turn"

I'm very excited for the upcoming FWA Conference. It starts this Friday, and I'm carpooling and rooming with my dear friend, Rachel. She and I met at the conference last year, and she ended up joining my critique group shortly after.

One of the other reasons I'm excited is that I made it into the FWA short story collection for the third year in a row. PTL!

My science fiction short story, "The Wheels Must Turn," will appear in FWA Collection #4 My Wheels. The book debuts at the conference, and I get to join the other fifty-nine authors in a group book signing.

The story is about a young narrator who comes to grips with the death of her father aboard a spaceship.

This is my fourth year attending the FWA Conference. It's strange, I know, that I won First Place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards at last year's conference in the Unpublished Fantasy novel category...and I'm still re-editing Livinity. I received a rejection from an agent a few months after I won the award and returned to my critique group with some chapters. Ever since then, I've been reworking some aspects of the novel and I believe it's improving.

Which is why my focus for submitting has been on Sprinter in recent months. The full manuscript is under review at the moment (yay!) with Harbourlight Books, an imprint of Pelican Book Group. When I submitted to them, I thought they seemed like a really good fit for what I'm wanting, so I was thrilled to get their request to see the whole thing. I'm waiting to hear back while trying not to get anxious, so I'm continuing to hope and pray.

I've been extremely behind on blogging. I think my last post was two months ago! I'm hoping to get better. Just don't hold your breath ;)


  1. Congratulations. Let's hope some of these agents at the conference pick up your book.
    I would think The Seymour Agency.

  2. Thanks John! I hope to see you at the conference again. I saw that you were up for a couple of RPLAs. And actually, I've already been rejected by The Seymour Agency.


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