Updates and Publication: The Mute Girl

One of my first short stories, "The Mute Girl," was published in eFantasy March 2013 issue.

This is my first e-mag short story publication.

About four years ago, I wrote the story and decided that I wanted to have it published. I'd been working on my novel, Livinity, epic fantasy, for quite a while. Publishing a fantasy short story seemed like a good idea to get my name out there. I had no idea it would take this long, and even now I praise God that it wasn't published any sooner.

Since that time, I've learned a lot in the submission process. Perseverance. Thankfulness to Jesus even in the disappointment of repeated rejection. I lost count of how many the piece received. I learned not to take rejection to heart. If I received feedback, I tried it out. Maybe not following exact recommendations, but I played around with whatever issues the person had with the story. The last piece of valuable advice I received was an editor disappointed in the ending. They didn't suggest much, but I reworked the ending because it hadn't worked for that editor. The next place I submitted accepted the piece.

And now for the big news: I quit my job.

Yes, I'm ecstatic about it because I'm now devoting time to writing that was formerly devoted to the day job. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity, and although a part-time job may be needed in the future, for now I'm trying to schedule writing time at the same time my husband is at work. We're both enjoying the extra time we now get to spend together.

Also I'm still releasing a new Lance & Ringo Tail on the 15th of each month. So far, I'm up to Tail Three and currently writing and editing Tail Four. Today is the last day of the latest blog contest and it's free to enter.

Back to writing...