Publication news and more humility

Last week during Life Group (read Bible Study), we were in 1 Peter talking about pride and humbling oneself. I had a post earlier this year about humility. The Lord continues to reaffirm that message to me: humble yourself, because the alternative is to be humbled (read humiliated).

In our group, we talked about athletes who made a touchdown, a basket, or a home run and immediately lifted a finger to heaven or audibly praised God. That takes humility. It's saying, I made the touchdown, but God made me. He's the reason I'm blessed. Not everybody likes to see that, adding to the humbling experience beyond simply redirecting praise.

In writing, there's not a standard "score" to keep. Each individual has different goals and measures their successes differently. When I'm humbled, I measure each forward step as a success, and I credit Christ first. But I'm not always humbled. It's something I still have to work on every day.

I have two upcoming publications to announce. (*lifting pointer finger to Jesus*)

"Switching," a spec fiction short story, was selected as one of the winners for the Triple Word Score Contest at the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. No date yet for when the story will air on the podcast, which uses full-cast productions with voice actors and sound effects. I'm really excited to hear the story produced.

"Ligeia," a sci-fi short story, was selected as one of the winners for the Edgar Allan Poe Writing Contest at the Journey Into... podcast. The story will air in January 2014. Sometimes the podcast uses full-cast production, other times a single narrator. I'm not yet sure how my story will be produced.

These are my two favorite fiction podcasts, and it's really humbling to be selected as a contest winner. I'm really excited and really blessed.


  1. Congrats on your publication success, Bria! It's great to have humility and thank God (or whatever God you believe in). I hope that you also take time to thank yourself for having the strength and tenacity to keep pushing forward. Writing can be a thankless business at times; good for you for not giving up. Big hugs from Alaska,

    1. Thanks, Cinthia! I do think that a pat on my own back is okay, too. I know how hard I've worked even if no one else does :)


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