Dual (Duel?) Novel Editing

Just wanted to give a brief update on my days now that I'm an at-home writer for anyone who might be curious.

Edit Livinity
Edit Sprinter
Edit Livinity
Edit Sprinter
Edit Livinity
Random writing
(ie short stories)

A very generic, not comprehensive picture of how I spend each day, but a general idea of what I'm trying to get done.

For a while, my focus had been deep editing Livinity, my epic fantasy novel turned trilogy. The process is slow. Many people ask me if I'm finished, and it probably doesn't make sense when I have to explain that I'm not. THE END is certainly written, and has been since 2008. But many years later, I'm redrafting yet again to make this the best book that it can be. Sometimes ideas for Sprinter interrupted my edits (women's inspirational fiction that I had set aside). Then I realized it might be fun to go back and forth between the two. And it is. Sprinter is a much faster edit, but I'm discovering new ways to deepen the characters and better the story. True in both cases.

My dual novel editing is like a duel in the sense that one will be ready for the next round of submitting before the other (Sprinter in all likelihood).

I have a Pinterest board for Livinity, which helps when I want to visualize something. I don't know if I actually get Pinterest, but I'm using it.

Follow Bria's board Livinity on Pinterest.

What else do I do?

I have a book signing for Lance & Ringo Tails tomorrow at the Saturday Morning Market.

I lead and participate in a wonderful FWA critique group.

I spend time here and there on web presence (blogging, Lance & Ringo Tails promotion, updating my website, etc). I submit short stories every so often.


I run between three and ten miles about three times a week.

The pier is "closed" but I can still run on it!
I'm getting better at cooking meals.

Japanese pork and ramen noodle soup. Yum.
I have time each day dedicated to prayer and reading the Bible, which had been a challenge in my full-time working days. Cleaning gets done more often than it used to. I love all the time I get to spend with the hubby. When he's home, I try not to work on any writing. I typically only write/edit when he's at work.The animals like to play, and I like to play with them.

And take lots of pictures of them.

Lance and Ringo just chilling

Ringo out of Lance's reach

But not for long

Play fighting in action!

Ringo loving the new sofa

Lance loving the new sofa
They are so much fun. I'm very blessed.

And that's about it. Now back to editing...