Switching on the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine


"Switching," a fantasy short story, appeared on the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine podcast on August 29, 2014. Click the image above or click HERE to listen (it's free). Or see my handy dandy instructions below for listening on iTunes. Subscribe to the podcast while you're there (also free) if you enjoy listening to speculative fiction stories performed with voice actors and special effects (note the explicit warning, episodes are not rated and may not be suitable for children).

A brief description of my story from their website: When Crystal awakens in another woman’s body, she thinks she knows what she’s there for, but this switch is different than her past experiences.

The hosts of the show, Rish Outfield and Big Anklevich, ran a contest last year called the Triple Word Score Contest. My story was selected as one of the winners. After signing up for the contest, the hosts drew three words out of a hat for every contestant.

My three words were: violin, eeriness, morbidly obese person

The goal was to come up with a story between 1,000-2,000 words using those three (in my case, five) words. There were no other limitations to the story.

As a fan of the podcast, I feel so privileged to join the other winners in the contest. After the story, the audience gets to hear the author's note that I recorded. Then Rish and Big chat, sometimes about things that relate to the story, like the show, Quantum Leap. That leads to a tangent about other old TV shows. They also discuss some of the possible interpretations of the story.

I hope you enjoy!


The simple way to listen is to click HERE, scroll down slightly to where you see a Play button arrow below the episode art. Click the Play button. The story will commence. You can also download the episode to your computer (link provided on the website) and upload it to whatever device you would like.


Search "Dunesteef podcast" in iTunes. Select the one with with the orange "D." Then you will see the image below where you can listen to my story by clicking the "Free" button next to it, or you can click the "Subscribe" button (it's free) to get all the episodes you'd like including each new one.


I prefer listening to fiction podcasts on my iPod while running or driving. It's a fun distraction. Here's a picture-guided tour of how you can, too. I know iPhone has this app, and iPad does too.

As you can see, I listen to many podcasts. In order to listen to my story,  "Switching," I would open the Dunesteef podcast (bottom left, the orange D).

And here it is! Open my story and listen. Take it with you wherever you'd like to go.

It's that easy.