Book Review: The Cat Who Loved Dogs by Sunny Fader

Before I begin my review, I'd like to take a moment and share a few personal anecdotes about author Sunny Fader, who passed away recently.

Sunny was a long-time supporter and friend of the Florida Writers Association. With her writing experience and expertise, she has helped many fellow authors and writers over the years. I vividly remember when she spoke at an FWA St. Pete meeting a few years ago about her background in screenwriting (and her days in LA), her highly successful non-fiction book about obtaining and keeping volunteers, and her help with the history of FWA that was published in 2011. The last time I saw her was at Wilson's Book World where she and I (and several other local authors) were doing readings from our books on Florida Bookstore Day. She gave me some lovely and kind words as she handed me one of her books and asked if I would accept it as a gift.

Sunny also wrote a blurb for my pet stories collection, Lance & Ringo Tails, that appears on the back cover of the book. I'll never forget her generous and sweet spirit. She will be greatly missed.

As a pet owner, I adored this poignant, true tale. The Cat Who Loved Dogs particularly spoke to me because I have a cat and dog who love each other like brothers. The stories Sunny tells about Hillary, a cat like no other, are quite funny and endearing. Her relationship with a dog named Brandy is touching and her quest to find further canine companions nothing short of miraculous.

I'd give the book five stars and recommend it to any animal lover, whether a dog or a cat is the preferred domestic companion. It's a nice, quick read that might send you straight to a pet shelter afterward. Be sure to have the tissues handy.

To purchase a copy of the paperback or ebook on Amazon, click HERE.


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