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An all-star team of writers has set out to change the way you read science fiction. They’ve succeeded. The project, codenamed “The Alvarium Experiment,” has brought together twelve accomplished and award-winning authors. After a year of collaboration, they have produced The Prometheus Saga, a collection of short stories that examines the breadth of human existence through alien eyes, from prehistory to the present day.

Building The Team

The Alvarium group’s sterling personnel number one more than a professional football lineup. Its members come from all walks of life and specialize in diverse genres. Getting everyone to work together was a feat in itself, but in the members’ differences lies the group’s strength. Ken Pelham, group co-organizer and contributing author, explains the group’s guiding principles: “Alvarium is Latin for beehive. Like bees, which act independently toward a common goal, each of our Alvarium authors was given broad leeway to develop their stories within the project framework. As a result, the finished product, The Prometheus Saga, is more than the sum of its parts.”

Ambitious Undertaking; Unique Reading Experience

Most stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. The Prometheus Saga ups the ante by opening with the dawn of mankind and closing in the modern day. Since humanity is under the microscope, where the saga ends ultimately depends on us. The stories explore the question: “How does humanity measure up when viewed through alien eyes?”

The answer lies in the central character, Prometheus. He is an alien probe, human by design, but with greater abilities and an artificial intelligence. He must go among us, watch us, and be one of us without ever exposing his secret.

As the ages roll on, his artificial eyes see humanity at its best and its worst. Prometheus witnesses the horrors of war at Marathon in 490 BC. He observes firsthand the atrocities of Nazi genocide. He experiences how mental illness and misfortune can drive a broken man to assassinate a U.S. president; and how human compassion saves the vanished Roanoke colony from certain demise.

The stories are arranged chronologically but can be read in any order. And while each tale is self-contained, Prometheus’s overarching story takes shape as readers follow his mission across the millennia. “It’s subtle at first,” says Charles Cornell, Alvarium co-organizer, “but overall we wanted to challenge the reader by asking, who is more human: humankind, or some manufactured lifeform from beyond the solar system? By the end of the saga, it’s anyone’s guess.”

Experience The Prometheus Saga

The stories that make up The Prometheus Saga are available individually via Amazon. Now, for the first time ever, this unique science fiction collection will be available in paperback online and at select retailers.

About The Alvarium Press

The Alvarium Press is a consortium of accomplished and award-winning authors. Its premier project, The Prometheus Saga, is the product of a remarkable collaborative effort by its members.

The Anthology

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The Authors

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