Writing Weekend

For the upcoming long weekend, I realized that I made NO plans. Hubby works, and I get Monday off for MLK day.

Therefore, I am creating a dedicated Writing Weekend. This means no cleaning, no cooking, no laundry, no phone calls, no hanging out, no couch potatoing, and only a little running (if at all). I will make sure the animals get fed. I’m sure hubby will call to make sure I’m eating.

I’m very excited about the opportunity. I don’t get many three-day weekends, and we usually use them to visit family or hang out with friends or do house projects. Like most writers with a day job, life is soooo busy.


Weekends often become dedicated to cleaning, cooking, laundry, and long runs. It’s just dirt, I’m sure I’ll tell myself when Lance comes in from the back yard (which no longer has grass). And it will be there for me to clean up on Tuesday. To set all those things aside, I felt the need to generate some accountability by announcing the plan. Saying it aloud to hubby was one way of doing that, but blogging about it really makes me want to follow through.

  • Finish the first Lance & Ringo Tail
  • Outline the second Lance & Ringo Tail
  • Edit at least ten more chapters of Livinity
  • Rework the opening of The Fat Girls Running Club

Last time, I blogged about my plans to self-pub Lance & Ringo Tails as e-book short stories. I figured out a few things, and once I finish the first tail, I only have a little more reading on Smashwords. Then I can make the e-book available for purchase.

Yes, I’m still editing Livinity. It’s my Lord of the Rings in the fact that I’m on year eleven with it, plus it’s epic fantasy. But I’ve almost figured out how best to split it into two books, and the editing really is improving it (my critique group say so J).

I’d like to get to Fat Girls, but if not, I’ll be happy with the first three goals getting met. Making specific goals, I think, will help me get them done.



  1. I can't wait to read the e-book about Lance & Ringo! You've got this girl :) I have been super slacking on the writing too. It's definitely hard with all the demands of a full-time job, but always worth it when you make that time for yourself. You've just inspired me. Maybe next week I'll finally get back to it after my months-long hiatus. Good luck, let your creativity flow this weekend, and keep pushing through! Miss you xoxo Rach

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I miss you!! Would love to see more of your writing when you can submit to us again. Hope all is well in NYC :)


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