Writing Epic Fantasy

In a world called Livinity...

I'd rather not mention how long ago I started writing my epic fantasy trilogy....cough, cough, since 2001, cough, hack...

Back then I had the idea that I was writing a single fantasy novel. It wasn't until Livinity won a First Place award in 2011 for Unpublished Fantasy novel that I decided to take the advice of agent Nicole Resciniti of the Seymour Agency and split the book into two. The single novel was too long, and agents like herself would have trouble placing it with a publisher.

As I went about splitting up the completed novel, I realized that I had more to tell. That included adding scenes to the first and second books, and expanding the story to create enough content for a trilogy. It's taken a lot of time.

Book One: Done

I LOVE writing in this world. I spent a lot of time editing scenes to improve world-building, as that was a weak point in early drafts. When I completed the latest draft of Book One in the trilogy, I started querying right away. Even in the midst of multiple rejections already, I'm not discouraged.

I've waited this long, right? If I've learned anything about the submission process, it's patience. And it only takes one yes.

Querying is challenging. I struggle with knowing how to word the query letter as I pitch my story to an agent, and hopefully grab their attention enough to make them not click DELETE immediately. It's a tough spot for writers. My best encounters have been at writer's conferences. When I meet agents in person, they almost always give feedback with the rejection. That rarely happens when submitting blinding via email to an agent you don't know and who doesn't know you.

Fairies, Mindchanters, Kings, and Spies

The assassination plot of a king, a mindchantress hiding her race in a human country, a disillusioned pirate falling for a fairie spy, four prisoners lost in a treacherous wood where legend marks death for all who enter…Livinity is only the beginning.

The stories begin as separate journeys that eventually coincide to a unified purpose: stop the evil tyrant vying for power, and stay the darkness that threatens to consume all of Livinity.

Like Game of Thrones, Livinity explores the viewpoints of multiple characters from chapter to chapter. Unlike Game of Thrones, Livinity would be rated no higher than PG-13.

Currently Reading

It's been a few years since I read The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and the Chronicles of Narnia. Those books greatly influenced my writing in Livinity.

I'm exploring the fantasy genre further with my current reading list: Ursula K. LeGuin, Robin Hobb, Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, George R.R. Martin, and Brandon Sanderson.

I'm open to suggestions!


  1. I love fantasy, it's so deep and I think you are so very good to be able to write and think all of this magical things up keep up the great work

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog! Good luck on the contest. I'll announce the winner tomorrow.


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