The Alvarium Experiment and The Prometheus Saga

The question was posed: What is the Alvarium Experiment?

Finally, the big reveal.

The Alvarium Experiment is not so much a what, but a whom. Twelve award-winning authors are collaborating on a new kind of short story collection. I feel so very humbled to have been asked to join this experiment.

That begs another question. What is the collection called?

Answer: The Prometheus Saga

The Prometheus Saga will be released in mid-to-late January 2015. The authors are...drumroll please...

Ken Pelham (founder)

The experimental aspect involves the method by which readers will experience this new collection. Each author was given a general premise for one central character that must be incorporated into each story. The premise boundaries (within the science fiction genre) provide a lot of leeway for variety in the stories. For example, pieces range in setting from prehistoric era to modern day. My story takes place during the American Revolution.

Each author will be independently publishing their short story contribution to the collection in the Kindle Store. That unique aspect of the endeavor has never been done in a collection of short stories as far as any of us can tell.

The cover art for some of the stories have already begun rolling out, but I'll reserve mine until a little closer to the release date. For now, here are two of the covers from authors who have revealed them on their sites. Founder of the experiment, Charles A. Cornell, is the amazing artist behind each and every one of the collection covers.

The release date announcement will be coming soon!